Side Effects of Using Teeth Whitening Toothpaste


In order to have that shiny bright smile, we try a lot of ways just to achieve it. We turn to different products available in the market or even spend a lot of money for dental consultations.


From time to time we change from one way to another. There are whitening strips, trays, mouth rinse and toothpaste. One brand to another.


We try anything hoping it would work. The easiest and cheapest solution you can get are the teeth whitening toothpastes. They are readily available and safe for everyday use.

But nobody warned us about the terrible whitening toothpaste side effects.


Whitening toothpaste, are easy to use. They work just like an ordinary toothpaste. We place a little amount and then, brush we go.

Manufacturers usually indicate in their product packaging that users might experience a mild tingling sensation in the mouth and that sensitivity is normal reaction and that it will just go away.


More often than not, they don’t go away easily. Worse is, they cause more damage than provide the solution.


To start with, products used in oral care like toothpaste contain hydrogen peroxide.

A highly reactant, chemical responsible for teeth whitening and disinfecting our mouth. When used in a reduced amount, this does not have any harmful effects in the mouth or in our body but only in a limited period of time.


Although, this is the main active ingredient that does the work, this is also the main reason why some people experience negative side effects.

side effects of toothpaste

These negative side effects differ from one person to another. So, I am not saying that this holds true for everyone.

Below some of the side effects of the using whitening toothpaste.


1. Tooth sensitivity– Tooth sensitivity is a very common side-effect when using teeth whitening toothpaste or any tooth whitening products for that matter.

The intensity can be from mild to severe. It takes on different forms. After using the your whitening toothpaste, you might experience a sensitive response when you eat hot or cold food and beverages.

Sometimes, you get sensitivity also when breathing in cold air. Usually, when not a severe case, this will just go away.


2. Gum irritation – This is the tenderness or swelling of the gums. You may experience increased in gum sensitivity. Sometimes leads to gingivitis.


3. Uneven whitening – As much as you’d like to have a full coverage or even whitened teeth, it is impossible sometimes.


Our teeth are not naturally white, using a whitening toothpaste may improve its color. But usually it’s just a shade lighter.

Each tooth might have a different reaction from the other. Also, we only focus on the front set of teeth. The back or side might have a different shade front the front teeth.


4. Tingling of the tongue and possibly loss of taste – Having strong whitening chemicals in our mouth will cause stinging sensation in the tongue and results in temporary loss of taste.


5. Inflammation of the mouth – Toothpastes contain a foaming agent called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).

Although this feels friendly, because if gives you a soapy feel in the mouth, it is actually a super strong that it takes away some linings in the mouth that acts as a shield from bacteria. This causes breakouts and sores in the mouth.


6. Sore throat – There are really times when we accidentally swallow some solution when we brush our teeth.

Sometimes this causes sore throat, but then it will just pass eventually.


7. Allergic reaction to toothpaste – Any chemical or food can cause an allergic reaction to anyone.


Apart from the chemicals present in the toothpaste, food content or flavoring can also be the cause of these reactions.

Our mouth needs cleaning and these abrasive agents somehow help in polishing and protecting our teeth from further damage.


All these reactions and side effects may not present every time you use whitening toothpaste.


Again, the effects may vary from one person to another. In general, these side effects will be avoided if you carefully follow the instructions of the application of the toothpaste.

Be mindful also of the duration as to how many days should you only use the product and how many times a day.


In order to avoid those negative whitening toothpaste side effects, carefully choose a high quality product.

Check your toothpaste to know if it contains chemicals or active ingredients that will cause an allergic reaction.


Any signs of mouth discomfort, immediately stop the usage of the product and consult your dentist for a recommendation for the best product that suits your needs.