Differences Between Laser Teeth Whitening And Zoom


The difference between the two!


In order to choose between Laser Teeth Whitening Vs Zoom, you should know first some important details about these two effective methods in making sure you wear the whitest teeth you could ever have!

General Information On Teeth Whitening

The words have already explained the meaning, but to be certain on what you are really getting if you will submit yourself for some treatments and procedures, the only goal is to give remedy to the discoloration of your teeth.


Discoloration can be caused by many agents that you ingest and imbibe.


Some individuals are obsessed about getting the whitest teeth like celebrities have.


This has been made possible by both cheap and effective ways available in the market today. It can be both in a form of products you want to utilize or professional whitening teeth services you will avail.

Ugly Truth About Aging and Our Teeth

We have all this natural milky white color of our teeth. However, as we age, the enamel wears off because of the substances from the food we eat and beverages we take in.

Over time, because of the accumulation of the foreign substances in our teeth, plaques build up; this turns milky white teeth into yellowish bones.


According to experts, the acids in the what we ingest are great contributors of the yellowish color. Other agents of change are our lifestyle like smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks.


Additional to this is our habit of cleaning our teeth irregularly and using products which do not do any good in whitening out teeth.


With poor oral care, yellowish teeth and even darker because of the accumulation of bacteria, this leads to damages enamel and unwanted discoloration.


Laser Teeth Whitening vs Zoom Teeth Whitening

As technology has introduced new discoveries, teeth whitening were addressed with these two treatments.

Laser Teeth Whitening is a very effective treatment of transforming yellow teeth into whiter ones. This method is usually done by using bleaching agents as well as whitening gels.

Some people avail of this procedure by purchasing teeth whitening kits.


The concept of the procedure is that your tooth will be covered with gel and then be exposed to laser light. Please take note that this may cause some nerve damages as the process will use heat in to activate the bleaching substance.


In most cases, in order also to get the best results, the exposure to laser light usually takes 20 to 30 minutes.


Zoom Teeth Whitening is more about using a product with the most effective bleaching substance, the hydrogen peroxide.

This is also in the form of gel, which covers the yellow teeth and exposed to Zoom lighting.

With the hydrogen peroxide present and the Zoom light combined, the process then breaks the stains and removes the discoloration effect.


The whole process may take 30-45 minutes.


In record time, Zoom lighting can make your teeth become eight times whiter. This is the reason why many celebrities are opting to use this kind of treatment.


Especially for big events that are coming up and you were not able to stick to your home whitening treatment routine, then Zoom lighting can be your best solution.


As it uses UV light to heighten the effect, the light will give off narrow beam so that your exposure will also be minimized.


Laser Teeth Whitening Vs Zoom can both work if done properly. Do not forget to ask the assistance of experts. Better be safe than sorry!


So, choose now, which one you will try! It will all be worth the spending, if you will end up every day, SMILING!