The Costs Of Whitening Your Teeth


We all would like awesome looking white teeth and not the discoloured yellow shade that makes it awkward to even smile.

You may ask yourself how much does teeth whitening cost though which is a fair question to ask as there are a number of products out there that promise the world but few deliver.


In this article I will try to give you a better understanding of the costs involved also by doing so will let you in on what works and what is a waste of time. Just take it from me and stay away from the waste of times.


Teeth whitening products usually follow the mantra you get what you pay for . If you see something that is too good to be true then it usually is.


Fear not though because they are not that expensive either.

how much does teeth whitening cost

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

It certainly does depend on how much discoloration the teeth has gone through. I am basing this article on teeth that are looking worse for wear so in turn you will notice that the cheap quick cure is the ones that I am suggesting to stay away from.


In saying this however if your teeth have only discoloured a shade away from your bright and white smile then sure remedies such as whitening toothpaste toothpaste or even free teeth whitening such as baking soda or a lemon concoction can do the job.


The cost of teeth whitening? Under ten dollars

Being as some people are willing to use themselves as guinea pigs, this is an option for teeth whitening that I will throw out there. If mad scientist describes you even vaguely, if you feel adventurous and go not mind the mess, mixing up a patch of baking soda and peroxide and applying it to your teeth with the use of a Q-tip is an option.

The results however will be limited. For better results, the paste can continued to be applied over extended periods of time. For there to be a noticeable difference, it will take hours of applications. Make sure that you do not damage your clothes with the peroxide.


The one good point when it comes to Home Brew Teeth Whitening is that the only thing you have probably wasted is your time.


Mouthwash or Whitening Toothpaste? Between five to twenty dollars

As far as the costs of Teeth Whitening are concerned, it may seem as if Mouthwash or Whitening Toothpaste are a bargain. These are products which market a great concept that appeals to the desire of looking attractive and youthful which is felt the world over.


Who does not want a whiter smile? These products however, unfortunately fail the test of actually working when used. Basically all that you are paying for is toothpaste which is overpriced and leaves your teeth only slightly whiter and more sensitive.


The main recommendation for Whitening Toothpaste is to maintain teeth that are whiter. If you are not fine with consistently battling sensitivity issues, do not even bother.

What you want to do is minimise the time you spend whitening as opposed to making it a daily routine like brushing your teeth is. The reason that this is important is that by whitening your teeth, your teeth become more susceptible and sensitive. It is best to keep whitening down to a minimum.


Whitening Pens – Between twenty to thirty dollars

This is another example of an excellent marketing concept for a product which does not deliver. Instant fixes are something that attracts the masses, what is more appealing than a tooth whitener that you can paint on? Picture liquid paper for your teeth.


Here is the down low. Whitening pens are no more than an internet scam in my opinion, which has been highly profitable. I had a big laugh the first time I saw one of the ads, I was however aware that due to the perfect placement of the ad on a well-known site, the big bucks were behind it.

A bogus internet ad is something that most people cannot spot and this teeth whitening option does seem viable, the focus is placed on the story which is quite compelling, while the product is actually downplayed.


When the deliver arrives at your door, all you have to do is look at the product that is no bigger than eyeliner and you know that you have been played.


Like the whitening products which actually do work, this product is also peroxide based. Due to the fact that you always need prolonged exposure as well as high concentration in order to achieve a result that is decent, as a delivery product these pens fail miserably. There is no way that a paint on can deliver those results.


The perfect spot for these products is in a novelty shop, in the joke section, right alongside the sea monkeys. There is one magic trick that the whitening pens can do and that is making the money from your wallet simply disappear.


The Best Choices for Teeth Whitening — the ones you want to turn to

Now this is the category in which we will reveal the products and services that actually do work, meaning that you are not being ripped off and you will be left with a whiter smile.

These three services and products are able to effectively whiten your teeth, some maybe better than others; it is mainly a matter of convenience and time.

The more time and effort you are willing to put in, the lower the price of the service or product.


Whitening Strips Between twenty to forty five dollars

It is very easy to get your hands on some Teeth Whitening Strips and they actually work. You can easily purchase a box of whitening trays or strips at your local pharmacy; there is no need for a prescription. Another option is to order them online.


There is a world of difference between purchasing a product that is fresh and on the t is not so be careful with any online purchases.


Many people are drawn to purchasing these strips because of how appealing and enticing the do it yourself concept is, as well as the price. Unfortunately, it does not take long for many people to give up. The inconvenience as well as the slow progress is what cause them to give up.

Being as Trays and Strips are not custom made, keeping them in place can be hard and every tooth may not be provided with a coating of whitening gel that is consistent. Your back teeth may not get enough product to effectively be treated.


Bleaching Trays Between one hundred and fifty and one thousand five hundred

If you are using custom bleaching trays for teeth whitening, a great end result is almost guaranteed.

I am sure that you noticed the drastic difference in price for this option. Special product and protocols are what the higher priced options use, for example the Deep Bleaching Kor System by Dr. Rod Kurthy.


The ones that cost less are in essence only take home and do it yourself kits. These are even given away for free by some doctors as a way of attracting new patients to their dental facilities.

Effective gel application over every tooth is guaranteed with the trays that are custom fit. You can conveniently wear these trays at any time throughout the day or even at night as you sleep. Many people find that the process is easier to fit into their busy schedules if they wear them at night.


Another advantage of choosing Custom Bleaching Trays is the quality of the gels. If the concentration of the peroxide is higher, you obtain faster results. Desensitising agents are also included in the gels which guarantee greater comfort and strengthening is provided by the Calcium-Phosphate they contain.


When it comes to Custom Bleaching, slow and steady always wins the race.


Laser Teeth Whitening Five Hundred Two and Half Thousand

When it comes to Teeth Whitening options, this is the most expensive one.

Fast results is what everyone wants, however unlike the false promises offered by the above mentioned scammers, spectacular results can be delivered with Laser Teeth Whitening in only a short period of time.

Highly concentrated formulas are used with this technique with a combination with extra activity that is triggered by the lasers heat and light, this accelerates the process of Teeth Whitening.
The cost is the one obvious drawback to laser teeth whitening. When paying for chair time, the costs can add up. In order to reap the greatest benefits, more than one session will probably be needed.

The potential for experiencing some pain is the other downside associated with Laser Teeth Whitening.

This type of treatment is aggressive and there are certain measures required to guarantee that your teeth will not feel as if they have been set on fire.


I hope the article has answered your question of how much does teeth whitening cost. If you are unsure of anything discussed in this article please contact us and I will get back to you as soon as I can.