Dental White: What You Always Wanted

Sweet smile sometimes demands white teeth! Do you have them?


If the answer is no, fret not because technology can offer you the best dental white solutions!


Why You Should Wear A Dazzling White Smile?

There are individuals who invest time, money and efforts just to get a stunning smile. You cannot blame them because there are others who judge those who are seen displaying yellowing teeth to have very low level of oral health care.


Sadly, only a few really knows how take care of their teeth and maintain its whiteness for a longer period. There are those who resort to cheaper methods and end up damaging their tooth enamel and gets worse results.


A healthier shade of white can be achieved not overnight, but by building a healthy oral care routine, which you need to maintain for a lifetime. There are cost effective options, while there are also expensive ones.


The challenge now is which method works best for you!


A Whitening Toothpaste

It is all about the ingredients of the toothpaste that you should look into. Make sure that the substance in the product that you are using can eradicate the stains that have been staying on your teeth for so long.


Most toothpaste has this bleaching agent – peroxide, which can whiten your teeth in a very slow and gentle manner.


An Apple to Whiten Your Teeth

You should know that apples can’t just keep the doctor away, but can also improve your oral health. There are even other options. You can try carrots and celery.


These natural food sources of dental whitening can actually encourage the production of saliva while you are eating them. Thus, the saliva can help you clear old stains on your teeth.


Dental Whitening Kit

This is now trending in the market. There are kits which claimed to be the revolutionary way of improving dental health care procedures.


These kits will save you huge amounts of money from consulting professional dental services. There are kits which offer the Caramide Peroxide gel, which is matched to what most patients are getting from dental surgery, yet with the kit, you can get it for a cheaper deal.


Many teeth whitening kits existed in the market for more than a decade already, yet only a few knows about them, and so it is only now that people started seeing the difference of doing something to make our teeth look even better, by making them look very white.


There are even clinical studies, which encourages the use of whitening kits since it is a package for a high quality oral health care. Out of those who have tried these kits, many gave satisfied testimonials.


You Need To Get It Done!

As many luminaries said, words can bridge other worlds, but actions can break the barriers. Me writing this post would like to tell you that if you really want to whiten your teeth, no matter what methods you will try or the products you will opt to use, you just need to make it done.


You will only see the difference and savor the fruit of your labor once you act on it.


So, have a bite of apple, or use regularly whitening toothpaste, or get the teeth whitening kit you always wanted.


Having a dental white dream can be a reality!

Baking Soda For Gums

How Baking Soda for Gums Can Make a Difference

The accumulation of plaques on the sides of the teeth can damage gums and at the same time the part to which they are attached.


If not addressed, plaques will attract more bacteria, thus, causing more serious gum ailments. Baking soda for gums can be a great and cheap remedy!


How Does it Work

It is not merely the role of the baking soda to be stored in the kitchen cupboard for cooking and cleaning. You can make use of this bicarbonate of soda to give remedy to some ailments. It is even an inexpensive option.


Note that our mouth can be a haven of many microorganisms from the food that we eat. By using baking soda, we could eliminate these unwanted parasites and improve our overall oral health.


Aside from the presence of these bacteria, there is also a big chance that the level of acid in our mouth will be higher, due again to our intakes.


With this baking soda substance, it can neutralize the acidity, thus eliminating the discomfort feeling and the possibilities of acquiring bad breath.


Can It Really Address Halitosis?

What makes this problem a serious one, is that it is embarrassing to have it. Whatever the causes may be, one has no excuse and could not defend himself if all people would judge him that he has a very poor oral care.


It denotes very low oral hygiene, which can be very degrading and disgusting.


These people with halitosis or bad breath usually blame the foul smell from the acid-forming foods they just consumed. If that is the case, then the baking soda can take care of it. It can rebalance the acid level in your mouth that will give a solution to your oral problem.


If you will maintain the use of baking soda as your mouth wash, it can also prevent halitosis and an effective mouth rinse.


For a serious gum disease, it is usually still caused by plaque buildup. By brushing your teeth with baking soda at least twice a day, it can eliminate the bad breath, thus reducing also and eradicating all gum-disease causing agents. You may also opt to use toothpaste with an additional baking soda ingredient.


Mouth Wounds: Ulcers and Sores

Heal your mouth from mouth ulcers and sores. It can be a serious agony once you have wounds in your mouth as the food and drinks that you are consuming may aggravate the condition.

However, if you will dissolve baking soda in a glass of water, at least one to two teaspoons of it, you can use it as a mouth wash and can give remedy to your pained mouth.


Tooth Whitening Is A Bonus!

Using baking soda in order to cure some diseases, mouth problems like halitosis and heal mouth wounds are just a few of what this useful substance can do. The experts do recognize that baking soda has a bleaching effect that some use it for cleaning kitchen and other materials.


Apart from this, additional to improving the oral health, whitening your teeth is still possible with the magical substance. The discolored teeth due to different stains you get from the food and drinks can be removed and whiteness all over will be experienced.


What others do is that they just dip their toothbrush on a small dish with baking soda and use the mixture in cleaning their teeth. Some would convert the powder into a gel like substance and use the solution as toothpaste.


Everything will work as long as you will have a regular routine of using baking soda for gums and it will also extend its benefits by making all your teeth white.


Try this cheap, but great teeth whitening option!

Best Teeth Whitening Kits 2016

Everyone deserves ‘to’ and ‘a’ smile. It is a reflection of a happy feeling inside. There are many kinds of smiles, but the best one is the gesture that shows true happiness.

Showing your teeth can sometimes be required.


Here are items you might have missed from the Best Teeth Whitening Kits 2016!

* White Teeth Global – Teeth Whitening Kit

This is a great deal as many people are delighted with this kit that gives you a one year supply of almost everything you need. At Amazon, you can get this for only $17.89.


It comes with 10 syringes, with 2 mouth trays and a shade guide to help you determine how white your teeth already are.


* The MagicBrite Teeth Whitening Kit

What it guarantees is a no-hassle few treatments, which will make your teeth, sparkle so bright. This kit is packed with an advanced teeth whitening technology, which promises the removal of all kinds of stains you get from drinking coffee or wine, etc.


Amazon buyers got this for only $9.99 and what they like most about the product is that it will not hurt your gums as much as the other whitening products can.


* The At Home Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

For only 15 minutes or even less, you will already see the difference. Over the course of time while using the kit, some experienced four times whiter improvement. Who would never want to try that? This is recommended by most people who wear braces.


Like MagicBrite, during the treatment, no any amount of pain will be felt by the gums, which is very comfortable to use for only $24.99.


* The Brilliant HD Teeth Whitening Kit

Instead of getting professional teeth whitening services, do-it-yourself treatments can still work with this product. Many dental professionals are recommending the use of this kit because they are certain that the technology used in manufacturing the item has a high quality global standard.


Many Americans love the gel, which is an enamel safest. Many satisfied customers are saying that this is one of the best finds in the market.


Unfortunately, as of the moment, it is currently out of stock at Amazon. Maybe somewhere else, you could find this brilliant kit that can surely give you brilliant teeth whitening results.


* The Dr Song Home Professional Teeth Whitening

The more treatments you give to your teeth, the more it becomes whiter. With this kit by Dr. Song, you can perform 50 applications.


Many dared to buy the product because the manufacturer allows all buyers to enjoy the money back guarantee for the whole duration of 12 months when you are not satisfied with the result.


They are brave enough to do that because their invention truly works! It costs $29.99 only and if you will visit the Amazon page review, you will see the images of those who gave honest reviews about the product.


What I just listed above are my Best Teeth Whitening Kits 2016. I would love also to know what products you use because I want to try them, too!

Teeth Whitening Supplies: Which One To Use

Wearing a brilliant smile is now the trend as a natural accessory. People are now very much concerned about teeth whitening supplies, since it can add more value to our face and overall look.


Of course, as expected, commercial business owners will try to convince all to try their products and as a wise buyer, you should know how to narrow down your options.


Not Just White, But Also Healthy

What is the point of investing in order to get your super white teeth when it could not last long? Therefore, in choosing which product to use, make sure that you will get those that have active ingredients, which secure total oral care.


There are bleaching agents like too strong for your teeth, but what is recommended are the carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. There are products which are all effective and could have a price range cost from a tube toothpaste up to the price of getting professional teeth services.


This depends now on how much you are willing to spend, just to get the all-white teeth you always wanted. Just to give you some motivating statement, most products which have higher price can guarantee only 10 days of waiting the best results.


Online Honest Reviews are Helpful

There are people who are very willing to share their experiences on what products that works for them. Online forums can be of great help when you wanted to read an honest testimonial.


Just make sure that you are not registered to those forums which pay writers to be users and sell out their products. That can be very deceiving and sometimes misleading.


You can also opt to read blogs like mine as I have featured in my other posts some teeth whitening products I am using.


Commercial or Home-Made Ingredients

You decide.

Home-made toothpaste also works. I even tried baking soda and sure they are very effective. However, due to my very hectic schedule, I could not spend so much time preparing.


If you wanted to try it out, then get a baking soda from your kitchen and mix it with hydrogen peroxide. You will see and feel the difference of the results.


Aside from Colgate, which what I am using right now, I would like also to recommend these two popular brands in the market today – CREST and Rembrandt.


CREST is not having just whitening toothpaste only, but they also have whitening strips, which are cheaper and still can grant satisfying result.


For almost $50, you can use one strip for all your six teeth and with the set for that affordable price, you can enjoy it for almost a month.


The teeth whitening treatments that Rembrandt can offer can also not be discarded. It promises deep whitening effect even for the intense stain you have.


The active ingredients of the product protect your teeth enamel while removing and preventing the stains from building up again.


Smiling is the best natural accessory everyone possesses. Therefore, it is just right that you should make is worth wearing and displaying for others to see and they will be delighted.


By using the right teeth whitening supplies, you can be certain that you are doing yourself a favor.


Smiling sometimes is the best gift you can share with everyone!

Best Whitening Toothpaste for Smokers

Just Which Toothpaste is the Best For Smokers

I smoke, and I love it! But, I also want my teeth to stay white. Should I quit smoking?

As smoking was proven to relieve you from stress, it was also supported by researches that the same thing can give you stress of showing your yellowish teeth. To help yourself be caught up in between, the market provides the best whitening toothpaste for smokers.


When I started flicking my first cigarette, I did not think about my teeth. However, after a few months of smiling in front of the mirror, I noticed the ugly changes, which alarmed me to do something about it.

Click here to claim your free teeth whitening kit today

Before I will provide the recommended toothpastes that I have been using for a couple of months now, let me give you first some tips on what details to check into finding the product that suit your whitening toothpaste needs.

best toothpaste for smokers

Here is a criteria that you should be concerned about:


* Enamel Protection


Whiter teeth are useless, when you can no longer wear them complete. Therefore, make sure that if you are to choose any toothpaste, it should contain fluoride.


It was clinically proven that teeth that are exposed to fluoride more often are those that can resist bacterial infestation.


* Tartar Prevention


Like any other product, the quality of toothpastes will matter on what ingredients they are composed with. In getting your whitening toothpaste, get those that contain zinc citrate.


There are toothpastes, which contain anti-biotic substance, which discourages the build up of plaques.


Tartar prevention is saving your teeth from becoming yellowish due to the congesting bacteria. If you will not prioritize removing these substances, then you will have a hard time in getting rid of them once you decide to do so.


* No to bleaching effect


Even if your goal is to make your teeth white, you should not go for those products that contain bleach. It will just rub out your teeth, making them brittle and will destroy the enamel protection.


* ADA Approved


With hundreds of toothpastes distributed worldwide, make sure that you only buy those, which has American Dental Association approval.

This means that the product have been tested to provide you with the best whitening solutions, without messing up with the health of your teeth.


Getting Off the Stains with the Best Whitening Toothpaste for Smokers

As there are treatments like dental cleaning that can help you whiten your teeth, it can be very costly if you will do this often. Why not opt to use substance, which you can apply and utilize for daily cleaning.


* Crest 3D White Vivid toothpaste


This is one of the top brands available in the market and best recommended for smokers, even for those who are fond of drinking red wine.


The very active ingredient of this product is what your teeth need, sodium fluoride.


What makes the item more interesting to use is the radiant mint flavor it has, which I really like.


The special feature of having 3D white fluoride toothpaste is that it can help in enamel strengthening, thus protecting your teeth from building cavities.


* Colgate Total Advanced Whitening Toothpaste


The highlighted feature of this product is the Dual-silica technology, which can help your teeth be free from stains. It can whiten up at least 80% of the surface of your teeth and it can help prevent the stains from forming again.


What I like most about this toothpaste is that it is very gentle on my gums.


* Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste


The best thing about this product according to one of my friends who is opting to use this item instead of the first two mentioned is that it helps him whiten his teeth even if he smokes, even if he has sensitive tooth.


The feature it has is that it can restore the teeth into its natural whiteness.


There are actually many brands to find in the market, but these three are on top of my list, which I could recommend for everyone to try.


If you are smoking and wanted to make sure that you are always wearing your bright smile, then use the best whitening toothpaste for smokers.


Make the smoking hobby be totally a non-worrisome activity!


Smile away!

Laser Teeth Whitening Pros And Cons

Laser Teeth Whitening Pros And Cons


Laser Teeth Whitening is rapidly getting popular these days. This is the new trend of achieving a new set of a pure white set of teeth. Laser Teeth Whitening supposedly the best and fastest way to whiten your teeth.


Compared to other teeth whitening solutions, laser teeth whitening method will only take a few hours and you can see already the results within the day. Other teeth whitening solutions needed to be applied twice or thrice a day. Other solutions, repetitive sessions with your dentist.


And the results?


Mostly takes a few days, weeks, or even months. But before you do anything else, take a look at the laser teeth whitening Pros and Cons. In this way, you will be able to weigh down and check the risks linked with achieving that sparkling Hollywood smile.


So, how does this kind of treatment work?


A protective lining is placed on your gums and some part of the mouth to shield those parts of the harmful ultraviolet light that are used in the procedure. And then a bleaching gel is applied to your teeth. This gel usually contains hydrogen peroxide.


The main component that is responsible for teeth whitening. Different products contain different percentage of this chemical. The higher the level, the stronger it becomes and the more effective the bleaching solution. A laser is used to activate bleaching gel. The gel reacts to the light and works on the stains and other compounds on the teeth.


Basically, that’s how it all works. Let us now go through some of the disadvantages of this kind of treatment


* Cost – Laser Teeth Whitening is the most popular and in demand treatment nowadays. Mostly it will cost you around $1000 or more. One time session is enough, but if you wanted to achieve a specific shade, then you need to schedule for another treatment.


Which means, you needed more expenses. For some other people this is not really an issue so long as they can instantly achieve the results.


* Teeth Sensitivity – although this is uncommon, you might as well be aware that this might occur after your session. This is the discomfort you feel on your teeth when having hot or cold beverage or food.


Mostly people who had already sensitivity usually experience this. However, this will just go away after a few days.


* Gum Irritation – usually this is caused by the gel reacting to the laser light. Or sometimes the warmth that is being emitted by the light can cause swelling of the gums. But it will eventually pass.


* Triggers allergic reaction – exposure hydrogen peroxide and the laser light can trigger chemical allergic reaction and might result to redness in the mouth or swelling of the gums.


* Chances of getting skin cancer – although this risk is very small, you still have to take this into consideration. The ultraviolet light that is used for the whitening treatment exposes your gums and increases the chances of getting skin cancer.


Mainly these are things you should watch out. On the brighter side, this teeth whitening method gives you more advantages than the cons.


Here are few things you’d like to know is thankful about


* Fast and efficient – In just a matter of an hour, you already have ten shades whiter set of teeth compared to other teeth whitening methods that require a repeated application before you see a noticeable change.


* Pain Free – this procedure only uses light and gel reactant to whiten your teeth. This is the reason why most people prefer this kind of method.


* Long lasting effect – with proper diet and maintenance, the effect can last up to 12 months.


* Less to no side effects – most people who underwent this kind of treatment has shown no signs of side effect.


* Safe procedure – This treatment is in-office and is very safe. Safer compared to those that are DIY.


* Highly effective – this procedure can whiten and remove even the most stubborn teeth stains. Smokers have clearly seen a noticeable whiter teeth after the session. Also, you need to have a repeated session with your dentist because one session can already give you a very satisfactory result. Not unless you wanted to achieve a certain level of shade.


* Provides no damage – the gel used in the treatment contains only enough hydrogen peroxide is not harmful to anyone. Compared to other teeth whitening products such as mouthwashes that causes more damage when overused.


* Time efficient – just 60 minutes and you get your results already. Working individuals can immediately return to work after this procedure. Unlike other methods that requires twice a day application.


* Cost efficient – although this treatment is more costly compared to other teeth whitening procedures, these days, the cost is lower ever since this method has become popular. Also, this is readily available. There are several service providers in your neighbourhood that can do the work for you.


If you are looking for the fastest and most efficient way that is worth your money then laser teeth whitening is for you. But you have to bear in mind that some people are not really advised to undergo Laser teeth whitening especially those that are already has teeth sensitivity because this treatment might have severe effects on them.


Generally, any teeth whitening method will not have any lasting effect if you do not maintain it. Avoid eating food or beverages that cause staining and in your teeth and if possible, quit smoking.

Side Effects of Using Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

In order to have that shiny bright smile, we try a lot of ways just to achieve it. We turn to different products available in the market or even spend a lot of money for dental consultations.


From time to time we change from one way to another. There are whitening strips, trays, mouth rinse and toothpaste. One brand to another.


We try anything hoping it would work. The easiest and cheapest solution you can get are the teeth whitening toothpastes. They are readily available and safe for everyday use.

But nobody warned us about the terrible whitening toothpaste side effects.


Whitening toothpaste, are easy to use. They work just like an ordinary toothpaste. We place a little amount and then, brush we go.

Manufacturers usually indicate in their product packaging that users might experience a mild tingling sensation in the mouth and that sensitivity is normal reaction and that it will just go away.


More often than not, they don’t go away easily. Worse is, they cause more damage than provide the solution.


To start with, products used in oral care like toothpaste contain hydrogen peroxide.

A highly reactant, chemical responsible for teeth whitening and disinfecting our mouth. When used in a reduced amount, this does not have any harmful effects in the mouth or in our body but only in a limited period of time.


Although, this is the main active ingredient that does the work, this is also the main reason why some people experience negative side effects.

side effects of toothpaste

These negative side effects differ from one person to another. So, I am not saying that this holds true for everyone.

Below some of the side effects of the using whitening toothpaste.


1. Tooth sensitivity– Tooth sensitivity is a very common side-effect when using teeth whitening toothpaste or any tooth whitening products for that matter.

The intensity can be from mild to severe. It takes on different forms. After using the your whitening toothpaste, you might experience a sensitive response when you eat hot or cold food and beverages.

Sometimes, you get sensitivity also when breathing in cold air. Usually, when not a severe case, this will just go away.


2. Gum irritation – This is the tenderness or swelling of the gums. You may experience increased in gum sensitivity. Sometimes leads to gingivitis.


3. Uneven whitening – As much as you’d like to have a full coverage or even whitened teeth, it is impossible sometimes.


Our teeth are not naturally white, using a whitening toothpaste may improve its color. But usually it’s just a shade lighter.

Each tooth might have a different reaction from the other. Also, we only focus on the front set of teeth. The back or side might have a different shade front the front teeth.


4. Tingling of the tongue and possibly loss of taste – Having strong whitening chemicals in our mouth will cause stinging sensation in the tongue and results in temporary loss of taste.


5. Inflammation of the mouth – Toothpastes contain a foaming agent called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).

Although this feels friendly, because if gives you a soapy feel in the mouth, it is actually a super strong that it takes away some linings in the mouth that acts as a shield from bacteria. This causes breakouts and sores in the mouth.


6. Sore throat – There are really times when we accidentally swallow some solution when we brush our teeth.

Sometimes this causes sore throat, but then it will just pass eventually.


7. Allergic reaction to toothpaste – Any chemical or food can cause an allergic reaction to anyone.


Apart from the chemicals present in the toothpaste, food content or flavoring can also be the cause of these reactions.

Our mouth needs cleaning and these abrasive agents somehow help in polishing and protecting our teeth from further damage.


All these reactions and side effects may not present every time you use whitening toothpaste.


Again, the effects may vary from one person to another. In general, these side effects will be avoided if you carefully follow the instructions of the application of the toothpaste.

Be mindful also of the duration as to how many days should you only use the product and how many times a day.


In order to avoid those negative whitening toothpaste side effects, carefully choose a high quality product.

Check your toothpaste to know if it contains chemicals or active ingredients that will cause an allergic reaction.


Any signs of mouth discomfort, immediately stop the usage of the product and consult your dentist for a recommendation for the best product that suits your needs.

Instructions For Whitening Teeth

Teeth Whitening Instructions: Keeping Your Smile Bright

They say that a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. So when you do so, make sure you have the whitest set of pearls you can flash. However, some of us who are not that confident when it comes to flashing our pearly whites.


Due to a number of reasons, our teeth can become discolored and stained. These can be because of the food we eat or drink, cigarette, medicine, age and more. But fret not, there are several products you can use to achieve the sparkling white teeth.

whitening instructions


Below are some teeth whitening instructions you can use to keep your teeth healthy and white. These instructions are for teeth that are lightly discoloured as more drastic measures are required for badly discoloured teeth.


Whitening Trays

  1. To maximize the effectiveness of the product, make sure there is no toothpaste residue left. Teeth should be carefully cleaned before using the gel. You can fit the bleaching tray first to check if you are comfortable with the fit.
  2. Before applying the gel, make sure that the tray is free from moisture. It should be clean and dry.
  3. During application, only fill the tray with a small amount of whitening agent. Careful not to overfill the tray. Use only half of the tube or 0.5ml of the whitening agent. Do not spread the bleach around. Remove the excess product from your gums with a tissue or dry toothbrush. It is recommended that you only bleach 6-8 teeth at a time. Anyways, nobody sees the back teeth.
  4. Usually, these trays are worn overnight. But if it’s your first time to use a teeth whitening agent, you can let it sit for an hour and a half then gradually increase the time. While wearing the tray, avoid eating, smoking. The effect may vary from one person to another.
  5. After the process, remove the tray and rinse your mouth with lukewarm water. It is normal if you feel sensitivity, but will just go away after a few days. Apply desensitising gel if you are really uncomfortable. You can also wear the tray every other day if you want. Try mixing sensitive toothpaste in your tray next time you apply if you have severe sensitivity.
  6. Bear in mind that teeth are not pure white. Gradually, the color of your teeth will lighten but again may differ from one person to another.  You can stop using the product if you are already happy with the color of your teeth.
  7. To achieve the maximum result of the process, avoid eating food that has strong colors such as berries, tea, coffee and. Keep yourself from smoking as well.

Whitening Strips

  1. Using whitening strips is fairly simple. Start with your usual routine in cleaning your teeth. Make sure there are no food residues left so that the strip will work. Like the whitening gel, you have to wipe your teeth with tissue or cloth to make it dry. Moisture in teeth can lessen the effect of the product.
  2. Evenly cover your teeth the strip. Make sure to cover completely. The strips should not reach the gums to avoid irritation and burning.
  3. Usually it would take 30 mins for the process to work. While waiting avoid drinking or eating. As much as possible, keep the covered area dry. You can try lying down and keeping your mouth open to keep saliva from interfering with the process.
  4. Take of the strips and throw them away. Proceed with washing your teeth with water, making sure that there are no more residues left. Do not leave the strips for a long period to avoid irritation of the gums. This will also increase the chances of having gum sensitivity.
  5. The results will be achieved over time. You can start using twice a day for at least 2 weeks to see a noticeable result.
  6. Stop usage if irritation occurs.

Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste compared to the methods above is easier and more gentle way of achieving a whiter shade of teeth. Toothpastes are recommended for those who just needed to maintain their pearly whites or those that has mild teeth discoloration.

  1. The use of whitening toothpaste is the same as an ordinary toothpaste. Squeeze an ample amount of the product on your brush and start brushing.
  2. Make sure to brush the outer and inner surfaces of your teeth. Pay attention also to the part where you chew your food.
  3. Use the product twice a day. Check if the product can be used daily. If you have sensitivity, you can alternate the use with an ordinary toothpaste.

Whitening Mouth Rinse

Whitening Mouth rinse helps to prevent plaque from forming into teeth, which results to whiter and brighter smile.

  1. Used after brushing your teeth.
  2. Pour around 10ml into a cup and vigorously wash your mouth for 60 seconds.
  3. Spit it out. Swallowing the product will cause adverse effects.


These teeth whitening instructions are for generic use of the products we have in the market. However, it is still best to read the instructions in the packing to achieve its maximum result.

Before using any teeth whitening products, contact your dentist first. They can advise you an advise for the best product to use.


Overall, after using teeth whitening products avoid foods and drinks that would cause teeth staining or discoloration. Also quit smoking, easier said than done right!