Best Toothpaste For Yellow Teeth


The Best Solutions You Can Get for Your Stained Teeth

Good oral health will always reflect who you are and having yellowish teeth can actually give a bad impression to anyone.

While people do not want to be vain in taking care of their teeth, in some instances, you just can never discard the importance of keeping your smile bright and white.


With the advanced technology we have today, people can start asking that out of the many products available in the market, have you not thought finding a solution and look for the best toothpaste for yellow teeth that you have?

Truth slaps, so save yourself and seek for help!

Preventive Home and Natural Remedies in Avoiding Yellow Teeth

Before laying all the products I know, let me give you first some tips that you should start practicing if you wanted your teeth maintain its natural whiteness.


* Using straw has its best advantages


Drinking with a straw will not just quench your thirst fast, but will also save yourself from the stains from having your drinks directly contact your teeth. Especially when you are drinking colored beverages, try to avoid being stained by leading your drinks directly to your tongue and throat without touching any of your teeth.


* Washing your mouth, aside from brushing your teeth


You need not to brush your teeth every now and then just to make sure they all stay white. However, if you have consumed coffee, tea, or red wine and you cannot just use a straw in drinking these beverages, be sure to wash up your mouth every after a drinking session.

Even with water, just use your tongue and move it around your mouth, to make sure stains will never bind.


* Bleaching with Baking Soda


If your case is not that bad at all and you are just starting to whiten up your yellowish teeth, then using the most common bleaching agent – baking soda, can be of great help.

This is proven and tested to be safe and effective, so there is no need to worry about trying it.


What Toothpaste to Use for Yellow Teeth

To provide you with one-stop information, here is a collection of details you need in order to narrow down your options on what toothpastes to try to give your teeth the whitening effect.


* All Natural Teeth Whitening Powder


Like the baking soda, this product is in powder form and my friends attested that it works better than any tooth whitening gel on the market. I have not purchased this one yet, but already top on my list for purchase.

What I wanted to try the most is the activated coconut charcoal, which is the best feature of this product.


* Crest 3D White Radiant Mint Whitening Toothpaste


This is what I am using for two weeks now. I thought I would not like because of its flavor mint, yet it turned out to be the reason why I keep on buying this item. It works like any other toothpaste with promising whitening effects.


* Darlie Expert White Anti-Stain


I am recommending this toothpaste because this was the first product I used when I decided to whiten up my teeth.

I can’t really measure it as what it says in the ad that it can whiten up to three times whiter than any other toothpaste, but this product somehow made me realize that it is really worth it spending to whiten up your teeth, because I felt and I have seen the difference.


* Luster Now! Instant Whitening Toothpaste


I have not used this one yet, but based on reviews, it is effective as it can guarantee instant whitening even with one brushing. Who would never want to try that?

This goes now to my list on what to purchase next week. If that is how it works, then this product is perfect if you are to attend a party and can’t wait for your teeth to turn white when you are preparing for the event.

One brush away, you will look okay!


I hope this list helps! The best toothpaste for yellow teeth can be your best armor to boost up your confidence, to enhance your looks, and make yourself look younger than yesterday!


Always remember though as I have said before. These tips are for teeth that are lightly discolored. For teeth that are worse you will need to see a dentist or use a teeth whitening kit.