Baking Soda For Gums


How Baking Soda for Gums Can Make a Difference

The accumulation of plaques on the sides of the teeth can damage gums and at the same time the part to which they are attached.


If not addressed, plaques will attract more bacteria, thus, causing more serious gum ailments. Baking soda for gums can be a great and cheap remedy!


How Does it Work

It is not merely the role of the baking soda to be stored in the kitchen cupboard for cooking and cleaning. You can make use of this bicarbonate of soda to give remedy to some ailments. It is even an inexpensive option.


Note that our mouth can be a haven of many microorganisms from the food that we eat. By using baking soda, we could eliminate these unwanted parasites and improve our overall oral health.


Aside from the presence of these bacteria, there is also a big chance that the level of acid in our mouth will be higher, due again to our intakes.


With this baking soda substance, it can neutralize the acidity, thus eliminating the discomfort feeling and the possibilities of acquiring bad breath.


Can It Really Address Halitosis?

What makes this problem a serious one, is that it is embarrassing to have it. Whatever the causes may be, one has no excuse and could not defend himself if all people would judge him that he has a very poor oral care.


It denotes very low oral hygiene, which can be very degrading and disgusting.


These people with halitosis or bad breath usually blame the foul smell from the acid-forming foods they just consumed. If that is the case, then the baking soda can take care of it. It can rebalance the acid level in your mouth that will give a solution to your oral problem.


If you will maintain the use of baking soda as your mouth wash, it can also prevent halitosis and an effective mouth rinse.


For a serious gum disease, it is usually still caused by plaque buildup. By brushing your teeth with baking soda at least twice a day, it can eliminate the bad breath, thus reducing also and eradicating all gum-disease causing agents. You may also opt to use toothpaste with an additional baking soda ingredient.


Mouth Wounds: Ulcers and Sores

Heal your mouth from mouth ulcers and sores. It can be a serious agony once you have wounds in your mouth as the food and drinks that you are consuming may aggravate the condition.

However, if you will dissolve baking soda in a glass of water, at least one to two teaspoons of it, you can use it as a mouth wash and can give remedy to your pained mouth.


Tooth Whitening Is A Bonus!

Using baking soda in order to cure some diseases, mouth problems like halitosis and heal mouth wounds are just a few of what this useful substance can do. The experts do recognize that baking soda has a bleaching effect that some use it for cleaning kitchen and other materials.


Apart from this, additional to improving the oral health, whitening your teeth is still possible with the magical substance. The discolored teeth due to different stains you get from the food and drinks can be removed and whiteness all over will be experienced.


What others do is that they just dip their toothbrush on a small dish with baking soda and use the mixture in cleaning their teeth. Some would convert the powder into a gel like substance and use the solution as toothpaste.


Everything will work as long as you will have a regular routine of using baking soda for gums and it will also extend its benefits by making all your teeth white.


Try this cheap, but great teeth whitening option!